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HR policies you need to review post-COVID

I think it’s safe to say that almost every business has had to change, adapt and innovate as a result of COVID-19. The pandemic may have even been lucrative outcome
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How to implement flexible working in your business

Flexible working can provide huge benefits to your business and your staff. 2020 has already proven that businesses can shift to remote and flexible working at a moment’s notice —
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What does remote working mean for L&D

Among the twists and turns of 2020, businesses have been forced to adapt quickly to remote working. Running a remote workforce may have its initial challenges, but it also provides
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Re-onboarding your employees back to work after furlough

Onboarding — the process of welcoming and equipping new employees — can make a huge impact on your employee retention rates and productivity levels.  But what about re-onboarding after a
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Flexible working is here to stay — here’s how to make it successful

Has there ever been a year with a greater impact on the workplace than 2020? For starters, what is the workplace? An office? A hotdesking space? Converted garage? Hot tub?!
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Five hard lessons I’ve learned from my first year in business. (The last one may shock you.)

Kick off your best house slippers and crack open the bubbly, because we’re celebrating one whole year of 1850. That’s three-hundred-and-sixty-six days (thank you, leap year) of providing HR support,
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