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5 ways to attract talent in a candidate-driven market

We know that the salary you offer is not enough anymore to attract the best talent. FACT. We also know that the market is highly competitive right now; with companies battling to attract and retain the best candidates out there.

You know the right people are out there, but how do you stand out as an employer of choice and attract them to YOUR organisation? 

Here are five ways to attract talent in a candidate-driven market: 

  1. Promote your employer brand 

Consider for a moment what might attract someone to come and work for your organisation? At the end of the day, people don’t just apply for a specific job role, they apply to an organisation, a culture, a brand and everything that it stands for. 

Look at ways you can promote the culture within the job advertisement and how you are going to ensure that the same culture is carried through when they attend an interview.  Everything from how they are greeted by the receptionist, to the questions they are asked at the interview should be a display of your employer brand.  

  • Flexible working arrangement

Today’s candidates want flexibility. Employees don’t want to work for clock-watchers, where hours are considered more important than output. They want greater autonomy and flexibility. 

Flexibility might be offered through a hybrid working arrangement (splitting time between working in the office and at home), as well as the hours that they work. 

  • Attractive job titles

The job title is one of the first things that catches a candidate’s eye, so it needs to resonate with them. It should reflect the right level of authority and be realistic to what the role is. Make sure you use the right keywords in there too to help people find your vacancy in the job search websites and in search engines. 

  • A great working environment

Workplace culture and the environment from which your people work are considered high on the agenda for savvy candidates. The right office environment will not only improve productivity of your existing employees, but it will also help attract the talent you’re looking for. 

We spend so much of our time at work, and people genuinely care about having a bright, clean and productive space from which to work. 

Ask yourself: 

  • Does it FEEL like a place you would want to come and work?
  • Does it seem like a place where people can see themselves fitting in?
  • Is it inspiring, exciting and innovative?

If your workplace falls short, it can send potential candidates running off to your competitors.

  • Job application process

This may seem like a minor, administrative detail, but having a flawless job application process helps to promote your employer brand.  It shows that you care about every touchpoint that people have with your organisation, that you’re organised, and you pay attention to detail.  

  • Make sure you have an attractive and appealing job description that really sells the role and the organisation 
  • Create a Careers Page on your website advertising which roles you have available and why people should work for you
  • Send automated emails with every applicant who applies to acknowledge their application and the selection process
  • Have a clear interview process and make sure it’s communicated to all those who are successful at getting an interview. Candidates need to know what’s expected of them and how they can perform at their best at the interview

If you can improve your offering, create a slick interview process, and communicate your offering effectively, you’ll have a much better chance of attracting the right talent and retaining your best people even in a candidate-driven market.  

Contact us to help implement some of these for your organisation today. 

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