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Three ways to invest in your company culture during a crisis

It’s natural, during times of crisis, to retreat into survival mode. But crises — whether they’re internal or external — are opportunities to continue investing in your company culture, to ensure you’re building the business you want to build, staying on mission and giving your teams the opportunity to thrive.

Here are three ways you can continue to invest in your company culture, even during times of crisis.

Increase perks, don’t cut them

People make organisations. And stressed-out, overwhelmed people aren’t what you need right now. 

Rather than a knee-jerk reaction to cut perks during this time, consider what employee perks will really serve your team and your business. Focus on health and wellness-boosting deliveries or online subscriptions.

Anything you can do right now to boost employee appreciation will reap big rewards. In 2019, staff turnover, sickness and lost productivity resulting from poor mental health cost UK employers £42bn. This reinforces the fact that improved physical and emotional wellbeing programs are worth investing in. 

Recognise and reward staff — and not just for performance

It doesn’t take much to make sure you’re giving recognition to team members for a job well done. And a little recognition and reward can go a long way.

During times of crisis, with shifts in working patterns and environments, it’s natural that some staff will appear to be less productive than usual. So make sure that you’re also recognising and rewarding team members for the quality of their work, their attitude, and even acts of kindness or charity work.

Explore virtual team building

Don’t neglect team building, even if you can’t all get together in person. A quick Google search will take a lot of the legwork out of finding good team building games and apps you can all take part in online – and have great fun doing so.

Make sure you find a balance that works for your company and your people. Nobody needs to have a mandatory daily quiz booked in, but well-timed and organised team building can work wonders for cohesiveness, trust and communication.

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