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The benefits and incentives that REALLY matter to your employees (it’s not what you think!)

Why should anyone come and work for your organisation? Sure, you pay them (and your salary is generous) and you give them statutory holiday pay (too right!), but what’s the real truth behind why someone should come and work for you?

SMEs will also be competing with larger organisations with bigger pockets, fancier offices and quite often more perks, so it’s important to really think about how you’re going to attract the right talent to your organisation. 

Here are some benefits and incentives that REALLY matter to today’s savvy candidates: 

Let them know they can make a difference

One of the benefits of working for an SME is the ability to wear different ‘hats’ and make a genuine difference to the growth of the organisation. Make it known that they can really contribute and learn lots of new skills – by choosing to work for you. 

Flexible working

Being a flexible employer is a MUST if you want to attract the right talent. This might include flexibility in the hours they work and where they work to suit their work/life balance. Consider ways that you ensure you take care of your staff and genuinely care about their life outside of work. Remember that those who strike the right work/life balance will be more productive and successful employees. 


With mental health issues cropping up more evidently in the workplace, it’s more important than ever to care for your employees’ wellbeing. Consider what initiatives you are offering employees. Ideas might include: 

Performance reviews

Employee satisfaction involves more than just financial compensation. Employees want to be fulfilled in their career, find their purpose and feel that they’re contributing to a meaningful cause. As such, your performance reviews need to be regular and something your employees look forward to. 

Training and development

Top employees crave being challenged and the ability to learn new skills.  Consider what training you can offer all your employees. Remember that this doesn’t always need to come from an external training company.  You could introduce knowledge-sharing amongst team members to build a sense a camaraderie and confidence-building. 

There’s a huge skills shortage right now and the market is driven by the candidates. In other words, they’re the ones that are holding all the cards. They get to pick and choose who they work for – the big question is … will it be you? 

Contact us to find out how you can implement any of the incentives mentioned above. We’ve got lots of ideas to help you attract the right talent. 

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