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How to implement flexible working in your business

Flexible working can provide huge benefits to your business and your staff. 2020 has already proven that businesses can shift to remote and flexible working at a moment’s notice — and also that they can thrive with the right systems in place.

Right now is the perfect time to make sure you’re implementing the right processes to set up your SME or organisation for flexible working success.

Make flexible working optional

Flexible working means allowing your people to make choices. Working remotely isn’t the preferred option for everyone. For some a mix of in-the-office and at-home working is the perfect combination for team interaction and optimum productivity.

Now isn’t the time to impose a one-size-fits-all policy for all your teams. Allow for flexible working options in your policy when onboarding new staff, reintroducing those on furlough, or making updates.

Your policy needs to become part of your culture

Policies are great. They ensure that your business is compliant and keeps you on the right track. But for flexible working to thrive in your business it needs to become part of your company culture.

How do you do that? Talk about it wherever possible, celebrate flexible working successes, build social events and catch-ups around flexible working, and try to keep it front-of-mind in your communications.

Inspire and equip managers

Great management is one key to flexible working success. Make sure your managers and leaders are inspired and equipped to help their teams work flexibly.

It’s worth investing in good training to help manage teams remotely, and also to boost your managers’ communication skills. These investments now will reap dividends down the line.

Invest in the right technologies

There’s nothing quite as demotivating and frustrating as outdated technology that doesn’t work like it should.

Create a checklist of all the IT and infrastructure your home-working staff will need to thrive, and make sure they’ve got it. Consider hardware, software and specific subscriptions or platform access.

In addition to that, make sure you have technology in place to bridge the gap between your remote staff and those in the office.

Download our Flexible Working guide

We know what it takes to run an SME. That’s why we’ve taken all the hard work out of making sure your business is set up for flexible working success.

Download our 19 page guide to setting up a flexible working environment. You’ll also get a time-saving template homeworking policy and a DSE assessment form in the bundle.

Our Flexible Working guide is one of five Guidance Documents we’ve created to relieve all your workplace headaches. If you have staff returning to work or working flexibly, or you’re planning for the future of your business, it’s well worth your time to access all five guides and make big savings.

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