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How often should you review your HR policies?

The foundation of any successful business is its people. Keeping your HR policies up to date will help to promote consistency, fairness amongst your employees and help create a more positive company culture.

You wouldn’t allow your products, your sales techniques or marketing channels to become so out of date. It’s just as important to make sure your HR policies are reviewed so they can serve your people effectively and mitigate some risks for your business.

Business growth

Your business is growing – which is great news! Perhaps you’ve taken on new staff, or even whole new teams. 

Any significant business growth requires a review of your HR policies. Will existing policies make sense with the new larger team? Will they ensure fairness across your organisation? Most importantly, will they help your business to achieve its goals?

Change in circumstances

Other changes in circumstance would also require a review of your HR policies and processes. HR policies ought to be a living document designed to get the best from your business, whether you’re restructuring, realigning your business goals or making other changes.

Changes in employment law

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that changes in employment law will require your company’s policies to be updated. You are duty bound to comply with the latest employment legislation, and to bring in the necessary changes in a timely manner. This gives you the opportunity to bring on board your team and ensure they are envisioned for the coming changes.

Moving office

You will need some common-sense changes to policies when moving from one space to another. But this is also an opportunity to assess which policies are working for your team’s success and which could be tweaked.

Flexible working

As many businesses will have discovered in 2020, as lockdown has forced staff teams to adopt remote or flexible working, their existing HR policies couldn’t always be applied to the new situation. 

Policies like attendance, timekeeping, flexi time and leave will all need to be reviewed to facilitate flexible working and help your business achieve its goals.

If you need help reviewing your policies, speak to our team for a free 30 minute consultation.

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