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Benefits of conducting employee surveys and top tips on how to run them

When was the last time you asked your employees for feedback? I’m not talking about getting their opinion about a project in a meeting, I’m referring to a carefully considered set of ideas or strategies that you really want their buy-in from.  

Your people are your greatest asset, so getting their feedback is your secret weapon to retaining top talent, getting buy-in, and improving overall productivity. 

Here are some of the benefits of conducting employee surveys and ways you can implement them: 

Employee surveys leads to improved morale

There are many online tools that allow you to gather feedback from your employees about team dynamics, business decisions or more contentious issues.  They are a safe way for employees to share their honest views and can be delivered back anonymously to save any awkwardness. 

Surveys give employees a forum to share their feelings, ideas and report any problems that may otherwise go unshared or unnoticed.  When they are acted upon, it makes them feel valued, as though their opinion matters, which in turn leads to greater job satisfaction and improved morale. 

Make informed decisions 

Surveys can help both managers and business owners make informed decisions and implement new strategies with confidence. Receiving feedback from those who work in the business can prove useful when implementing new strategies or ideas.  

New employee surveys

New recruits are likely to be your most engaged employees. They’ll want to impress and are therefore very responsive. They may also be brimming with fresh ideas too! If they’ve previously been working for a competitor, they may be able to share new ideas that worked well in their previous job.  

Sending them an employee survey after their first three months is a great way to pick their brains and hear their fresh ideas. 

Employee suggestion box

Surveys don’t always have to be a formal affair; you could have an Employee Suggestion Box in your office continuously where employees can write ideas on a piece of paper at any time about anything they feel could be improved.  

Turn insights into action 

Employees are far more likely to complete a survey if they know their voices are heard and acted upon. Find ways to implement the feedback you receive, big or small, and brainstorm with all your team on how you can apply it across your organisation.  

Do you need helping creating and running employee surveys to help you make the right informed decisions? Book a consultation with us to see how we can help. 

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