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7 ways to engage a remote workforce

Helping a workforce to feel cohesive and united under a single goal is one of the great challenges of leadership. This can be especially true when managing a remote workforce. 

As many of the UK’s workforce are still working from home, we recognise the importance of having the skills to engage a remote workforce and keep them motivated and productive. Here are 7 ways you can achieve just that. 

Promote a positive work-life balance

With staff working from home it’s easier than ever for the boundaries between work and non-work time to become blurred. Encourage your team to find a positive balance.

If it’s possible in your work context, consider ways to support your team’s physical and mental health, whether through a fitness-based group, a team challenge, or offering access to remote yoga or fitness app. All these initiatives will help your team find a balance between the daily grind and relaxation. 

Maintain daily check-ins

Without the social cues and daily mini-interactions of a shared workplace, it’s much easier for staff to feel detached. Daily check-ins needn’t be arduous or time consuming. A two minute phone call in the morning, or a quick message asking ‘how are you?’ or ‘what are your goals today?’ can go a long way. 

Consider a weekly social hour

Maintaining a strong social bond between your staff is vital in helping them unite around your common goals. A simple weekly social hour, like Friday drinks, a quiz, or just an unstructured catch-up will help to foster a sense of community.

Help set clear boundaries

Workers feel motivated and engaged when they sense their managers care about them. Failing to set clear boundaries with staff can erode that sense of care and value. Make sure you have agreement across your remote workforce about when and how it’s appropriate to communicate and when is off limits.

Ensure that your team members feel like they have your backing to ‘check off’ outside of their working hours, and that there’s no expectation for them to be ‘always on’.

Share information and work easily

Without a shared office space, the risk of working in detached silos is far greater. Without a clear view on the work others are doing, and information that’s relevant to their own role, your team members could lose motivation and a sense of your high level objectives.

Use team management or task management software to make sure that your remote workers can easily find out all they need. And be sure to reiterate vital information during meetings too.

Offer emotional support

Our current work landscape can be disorienting, and a lonely place for many. Take some time to consider the emotional toll on your team.

Most of us aren’t trained counsellors, so only give emotional support that’s appropriate. Often a listening ear is enough. Be ready to signpost your team in the direction of information and resources on emotional health.

Provide opportunities to upskill

Providing professional development opportunities is a key contributor to employee satisfaction and motivation. You may need to upskill staff in particular areas to face your current work situation, or to position your business for future success.

Discuss potential development opportunities with your staff, and see where they tie into your vision and objectives.

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