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12 days of cHRistmas

1. Remote Christmas Party

So, Christmas parties and staff parties might not be able to go ahead in their usual format, but let’s not allow Covid and the restrictions to stop us from enjoying a night out. Instead of giving up your Christmas party altogether, you could have a virtual Christmas party and have a night in.

Our seasonal tip is to supply each of your staff members with a Just Eat voucher so they can get themselves and their partner a take away of their choice and you could all get together and have a nice meal virtually. Alternatively, you can order food hampers for each person to prepare at home ready for the virtual event.

You could arrange some entertainment, a music quiz or even a game like Mr & Mrs, a comedy act, virtual cocktail making, or a magician are some of the ideas we are starting to see. Why not throw in some awards and celebrate some of the achievements of your employees throughout the year.

If you can go out and you choose to have a little celebration or do something in your office, just be mindful that ultimately, it is an employer’s responsibility to ensure the health and safety of employees so undertaking a risk assessment would be worthwhile.

2. People strategy for the year ahead.

So have you really wanted to get more from your people, promote the right person and really make a difference?

Well without any goals or objectives how will you get there and if you do how do you know you have achieved it?

So why not start planning your people plan for 2021, this may already be in place but does it reflect your values and overall business strategy?

Get your staff involved and ask them where they want to be within their career if they are happy then great but if they want to improve in something look to see if it’s achievable and plan it out.

Contact us for a consultation

3. Alternative Staff Activities

2020 has been a difficult year for many. Even if businesses have survived and even thrived, it hasn’t been easy for a lot of people not being able to see family and loved ones and having the challenge of homeschooling. However, we all know how good it feels to have something to look forward to so why not end the year by setting some fun plans for next year so people come back feeling motivated and inspired for the year ahead. You can get your employees involved in the planning and find out what they would like to see. You could look at things like:

a. Charity event
b. Bring your dog to the office days
c. Pool or darts board for the office
d. Weekend treats for your people
e. Business charity event
f. Sports day
g. Free fruit in the office
h. A bake-off challenge
i. A wellbeing voucher
j. Social event for team building

4. Benefits

for the next year can you offer a purchase some extra holidays for the next year. Not only is this a great benefit to offer it can be a good tax benefit for your employees.

5. Secret Santa

Who doesn’t love a pair of socks, a spa day for 1 or some cheap wine wrapped up and having to guess who it was from. Now secret Santa has been going for a while as isn’t original but you could donate your gifts to a local charity or help out a charity to give back to the community. But if keeping it traditional it can add a little bit of fun in the office, keep the value low for extra fun.

6. An end of year message

From the owner or MD can have real impact to your people. Nothing says it better from the leader than from themselves, this can be live in the office, on a conference video call or you can record a special message. Saying thank you goes a long way and your people will appreciate it if you add a personal touch and thank them for the year.

You could go the extra mile and do personal messages to each team member this may not be feasible in very large organisations, but with a bit of planning it can be pulled off. Our top tip is add a personal message to each person.

7. Half-day for Christmas shop/Christmas events

Some of us may be working a little bit more flexible compared to usual, but this doesn’t mean that our people won’t be working harder than normal and there is a lot of pressure to get organised. So if you can why don’t you offer the ability for your staff to take a half-day to get themselves organised, or see a virtual children’s show for example. Little gesture like this can mean a lot to some and they will forever remember the benefit.

8. Be ready for the new immigration system

The end of the Brexit transition period means that there will be a new points-based immigration system in place from 1 January 2021. EEA nationals arriving in the UK from 1 January will need to comply with the same visa requirements as other non-UK nationals.

Employers should understand how the new system will affect their recruitment and should consider whether they will need to apply for a sponsor licence.

They should encourage their existing EEA employees to apply for settled or pre-settled status, if they have not already done so.

European nationals already in the UK before the end of the transition period have a grace period until 30 June 2021 to apply under the settlement scheme. Employers will need to understand the rules on right to work checks during this period.

9. Staff award ceremony

Who doesn’t like to be recognised for long service, or for going above and beyond? Now here at 1850 we believe that all your staff should be recognised and looked after as they will repay it with productivity. But why not show them your gratitude with a little award for the best email of the year, for going the extra mile, for bringing in more work than they were meant to. You don’t have to be normal and the same like long service for 40 years within your business you can give an award for the staff who brought in the best biscuits :).

10. Salary reviews and bonus

If you usually offer an end of year bonus this year you may not be able to do this due to the current restrictions. So the best policy is to communicate this if you can let your people know if you cant please again communicate this. Also check your employee terms and conditions as you don’t want to be in breach of any conditions.

If you choose to pay only some employees and not others, make sure you have sound reasons for the selection of individuals. Be wary of any potential discrimination issues that could fall out of your selection.

11. Staff gifts

Recognising your team for the year. Its been a long year and if you can make a gesture to your staff for the appreciation for the year then this is a real mood booster. Be mindful of the gifts as not everyone would want a bottle of alcohol, our top tip is a high street voucher that can be used in some major stores and online or even a voucher for a supermarket.

Or even a hamper for your staff or their family’s, now this can be a bit old fashioned but they can be well received and welcomed as you can get some really nice hampers and unique hampers so your people could have a nice little surprise.

12. 1-2-1

Planning out your 1-2-1 for the next year – Train your staff on how to deliver them

Our other tip is to provide a little gift to a family member or provide a virtual santa for your staffs children.

Want to further develop your employees health and wellbeing in 2021, contact us to help you get the best out of your team.

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